A selection of our technical conference paper abstracts of the previous years are listed below.



Barcelona Symposium

Development of a dedicated Range Extender Unit and Demonstration Vehicle [PDF; 6 KB]


Minimising Autoignition for optimum efficiency in high specific out-put spark-ignited engines [PDF; 61 KB]

FriedrichshafenVDI-Kongress: Getriebe in Fahrzeugen

Torque vectoring with complex compounded planetary gears in electric axle drives [PDF; 830 KB]
Wirth, Ch.; Ernstorfer, M; Vollmer, F.


Selected Technologies Beneficial to Engine Downsizing [PDF; 47 KB]

VTMS -Thermal Management Systems [PDF; 6 KB]

Analysis of the influence of vehicle usage pattern on the optimum range extender drive-line configuration for a compact-class passenger car [PDF; 6 KB]


Analysis of Real World Driving with an Extreme Downsizing Engine [PDF; 23 KB]

The MAHLE Range Extender Demonstrator Vehicle – Battery-electric mobility without range limitations [PDF; 158 KB]


2013-01-0271 [PDF; 5 KB] Future Gasoline Engine Technology and the Effect on Thermal Management and Real World Fuel Consumption

2013-01-0342 [PDF; 82 KB] Flexible ECU Function Development Calibration and Engine Performance Assessment Based on Co-Simulation

2013-01-1469 [PDF; 82 KB] The Development of a Range Extender Electric Vehicle Demonstrator

2013-01-2259 [PDF; 136 KB] One Click Build Environment and Tool Chain for Real Time Safety Critical Aerospace Embedded System

2013-01-2705 [PDF; 138 KB] Simulation of Exhaust Gas Residuals in a Turbocharged, Spark Ignition Engine

2013-04-0727 [PDF; 8 KB] Future gasoline engine technology and the effect on thermal management and real world fuel consumption


Aachen Colloquium

Development of a Compact-Class Range Extended Electric Vehicle [PDF; 6 KB]


Technologies for the next generation of downsized gasoline engines [PDF; 148 KB]

Development of a compact-class range extended electric vehicle demonstrator [PDF; 65 KB]


MAHLE Solar Stirling Engine Design

MAHLE Solar Stirling Engine Development [PDF; 36 KB]


Development of a Range Extended Electric Vehicle Demonstrator [PDF; 61 KB]


2012-01-5068 [PDF; 29 KB] Design and Development of the Range Extender Engine


Real World Fuel Ecoomy Benefits through the Application of EGR to Advanced Gasoline Downsized Engines [PDF; 9 KB]

Variable-length Air Intake Module for Turbocharged Engines [PDF; 7 KB]

Ladungswechselberechnung und 1D-Simulation für einen kompakten 2-Zylinder Range Extender Motor [PDF; 66 KB]


2012-01-0357 [PDF; 9 KB] Evaluating Synergies between Fuels and Near Term Powertrain Technologies through Vehicle Drive Cycle and Performance Simulation

2012-01-0385 [PDF; 21 KB] A Reduction in Parasitic Losses by Careful Choice of Alternator and Drive System

2012-01-0386 [PDF; 39 KB] A Gasoline Fueled Pre-Chamber Jet Ignition Combustion System at Unthrottled Conditions

2012-01-0427 [PDF; 20 KB] A Friction Comparison between Chain and Belt-drive Systems

2012-01-0714 [PDF; 8 KB] Variable Length Intake Manifold Technology Applied to a Gasoline Turbocharged Downsized Engines

2012-01-0823 [PDF; 38 KB] Spark Ignition and Pre-Chamber Turbulent Jet Ignition Combustion Visualization

2012-01-0829 [PDF; 17 KB] Integrated Simulation, Analysis and Testing of a Variable Valve train for Passenger Car Diesel Engines

2012-01-0902 [PDF; 39 KB] Improving Speed and Accuracy of Gasoline and Diesel Engine Testing via Close-Loop Combustion Control

2012-01-1002 [PDF; 17 KB] The Development of a Dedicated Range Extender Engine

2012-01-1143 [PDF; 42 KB] Knock Limit Extension with a Gasoline Fueled Pre-Chamber Jet Igniter in a Modern Vehicle Powertrain

2012-01-1146 [PDF; 38 KB] A Lean Burn Gasoline Fueled Pre-Chamber Jet Ignition Combustion System Achieving High Efficiency and Low NOx at Part Load

2012-01-1272 [PDF; 17 KB] The Performance of a Modern Vehicle on a Variety of Alcohol-Gasoline Fuel Blends

2012-01-1331 [PDF; 21 KB] A Durability Assessment of Rolling Element Bearings in a Camshaft Application, Considering Sensitivity to Installation and Operating Parameters

2012-01-1324 [PDF; 17 KB] A Comparison between Journal Bearings and Rolling Element Bearings in a Camshaft Application

2012-32-0002 [PDF; 17 KB] Visualization of Propane and Natural Gas Spark Ignition and Turbulent Jet Ignition Combustion


Advanced technologies for downsized direct injection gasoline engines [PDF; 61 KB]

Vienna Motor Symposium

Application and Potential of an Ultra Lean, Low NOx Combustion to Reduce Emissions of Nitrigen Oxides and Fuel Consumption [PDF; 65 KB]


Aachen Colloquium

Downsizing and Biofuels: Synergies for Significant CO2 Reductions [PDF; 17 KB]

Design and Development of the MAHLE Range Extender Engine [PDF; 15 KB]


Significant CO2 Reductions by Utilising the Synergies Between a Downsized SI Engine and Biofuels [PDF; 42 KB]

Design and development of a dedicated range extender engine [PDF; 39 KB]

Optimisation of Variable Length Intake Manifolds for a Gasoline Turbocharged Downsized Engine [PDF; 89 KB]


Anforderungen an den Ladungswechsel und die Aufladung bei extremen Downsizing [PDF; 20 KB]

Längenvariables Luftansaugmodul für turboaufgeladene Motoren [PDF; 18 KB]

Development of an Efficient Compact Range Extender Engine [PDF; 18 KB]

Friction Power Measurements of a Fired Diesel Engine – Cycle-relevant CO2 Savings [PDF; 92 KB]

Efficient Downsizing for Future Gasoline Engines [PDF; 26 KB]

Das Range Extender Konzept von MAHLE Powertrain [PDF; 12 KB]


2011-01-0212 [PDF; 14 KB] An Approach to the Safety Design and Development of a Brake-by- Wire Control System

2011-01-0360 [PDF; 12 KB] Benefits of Late Inlet Valve Timing Strategies Afforded Through the Use of Intake Cam In Cam Applied to a Gasoline Turbocharged Downsized Engine

2011-01-0664 [PDF; 14 KB] A New Combustion System Achieving High Drive Cycle Fuel Economy Improvements in a Modern Vehicle Powertrain

2011-01-0862 [PDF; 11 KB] Design of a dedicated Range Extender Engine

2011-01-1290 [PDF; 12 KB] Characterisation of Flow Structures in a Direct-Injection Spark- Ignition Engine Using PIV, LDV and CFD

2011-01-2023 [PDF; 83 KB] A Single Fuel Pre-Chamber Jet Ignition Powertrain Achieving High Load, High Efficiency and Near Zero NOx Emissions


Aachen Colloquium

MAHLE-Bosch Downsizing Demonstrator Vehicle for Advanced Downsizing [PDF; 24 KB]


Systems Development for Future Passenger Car Diesel Engines [PDF; 27 KB]

Potential Fuel Savings of the Controlled Pendulum-Slider Pump [PDF; 23 KB]

Higher Efficiency with Less Displacement [PDF; 25 KB]


2010-01-0356 [PDF; 12 KB] Water Cooled Exhaust Manifold and Full Load EGR Technology

2010-01-0618 [PDF; 11 KB] A Study of Alcohol Blended Fuels in an Unthrottled Single Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine

2010-01-0832 [PDF; 12 KB] A Study of Fuel Converter Requirements for an Extended-Range Electric Vehicle

2010-01-1457 [PDF; 18 KB] A Turbulent Jet Ignition Pre-Chamber Combustion System for Large Fuel Economy Improvements in a Modern Vehicle Powertrain

2010-01-2196 [PDF; 20 KB] A Normally Aspirated Spark Initiated Combustion System Capable of High Load, High Efficiency and Near Zero NOx Emissions in a Modern Vehicle Powertrain

2010-01-2260 [PDF; 20 KB] Flame Kernel Development for a Spark Initiated Pre-Chamber Combustion System Capable of High Load, High Efficiency and Near Zero NOx Emissions

2010-01-2263 [PDF; 12 KB] A Review of Pre-Chamber Initiated Jet Ignition Combustion Systems

2010-32-0088 [PDF; 19 KB] Ignition Energy Development for a Spark Initiated Combustion System Capable of High Load, High Efficiency and Near Zero NOx Emissions

2010-36-0153 [PDF; 11 KB] The Application of Virtual Engine in a PSA 1.41 SI Engine

2010-36-0327 [PDF; 83 KB] The Interaction of Piston-Ring-Cylinder on Flex Fueled Engines

SAE Brazil

Engine Downsizing – An Analysis Perspective [PDF; 9 KB]

Stuttgarter Symposium

The MAHLE Downsizing Engine – High Performance and Low Fuel Consumption [PDF; 13 KB]

VDI Conference

Simulation and Optimisation of a Variable Valvetrain System for a Compression Ignition Engine [PDF; 11 KB]

Range Extender – Gas Exchange System within the Boundary Conditions of low package, low cost and optimized NVH [PDF; 11 KB]


Aachen Colloquium

New concepts for Optimizing Transient Torque Response [PDF; 11 KB]


A study of Gasoline-Alcohol Blended Fuels in a Turbocharged DISI Engine [PDF; 81 KB]

Development of a New 3 Cylinder, 1.2I downsizing demonstrator engine [PDF; 41 KB]

A comparison of inlet valve operating strategies in a single cylinder engine [PDF; 40 KB]


2009-5025 [PDF; 19 KB] The Advanced Downsizing Demonstrator - Development Status and Fuel Economyy Potential


Optimisation of Gasoline Engine Performance [PDF; 29 KB]


2009-01-0138 [PDF; 11 KB] A Study of Gasoline-Alcohol Blended Fuels in an Advanced Turbocharged DISI Engine

2009-01-0236 [PDF; 13 KB] Analysis of US and EU Drive Styles To Improve Understanding of Market Usage and the Effects on OBD Monitor IUMPR

2009-01-1052 [PDF; 11 KB] Development of a Friction Optimized Engine

2009-01-1053 [PDF; 10 KB] Challenges for Increased Efficiency Through Gasoline Engine Downsizing

2009-01-1422 [PDF; 12 KB] Design Consideration for Hydrogen Management System on Ford Hydrogen Fueled E450 Shuttle Bus

2009-01-1503 [PDF; 12 KB] Development of a Turbocharged Direct Injection Downsizing Engine

2009-01-1835 [PDF; 11 KB] Combining Unthrottled Operation with Internal EGR under Port and Central Direct Injection Fuel Conditions in a Single Cylinder SI Engine


Aachen Colloquium

Downsizing - Realized with a 1.2 l 3-Cylinder Engine [PDF; 11 KB]


2008-5052 [PDF; 19 KB] CamInCam The New Option for Variable Valve Timing


The MAHLE Downsized Engine as Technology Demonstrator - Concept Layout and Design [PDF; 21 KB]

MAHLE CamInCam (DE) [PDF; 134 KB]

Einzylinder Forschungsmotor (DE) [PDF; 84 KB]


2008-01-0073 [PDF; 13 KB] An Optical Study of Spray Development and Combustion of Ethanol, Iso-Octane and Gasoline Blends in a DISI Engine

2008-01-0391 [PDF; 12 KB] Experimental Characterization of Heat Transfer in Exhaust Pipe Sections

2008-01-0425 [PDF; 11 KB] Pre versus Post Compressor Supply of Cooled EGR for Full Load Fuel Economy in Turbocharged Gasoline Engines

2008-01-0611 [PDF; 10 KB] A New 3 Cylinder 1.2l Advanced Downsizing Technology Demonstrator Engine

2008-36-0293 [PDF; 141 KB] Fleet Test Evaluation of B5 Blends (5% Biodiesel) in Pickups



Study of fuel economy improvements available via valvetrain optimisation [PDF; 40 KB]

A study of alcohol blended fuels in a new optical spark-ignition engine [PDF; 41 KB]


High-load EGR in a Turbocharged Gasoline Engine [PDF; 40 KB]


2007-01-0018 [PDF; 11 KB] Automated Calibration of an Analytical Wall-Wetting Model

2007-01-0187 [PDF; 11 KB] The Effects of 2-Stage Cam Profile Switching and External EGR on SI-CAI Combustion Transitions

2007-01-0490 [PDF; 11 KB] Virtual Airpath Calibration of a Multi-Cylinder High Performance GDI Engine Using 1D Cycle Simulation

2007-01-0939 [PDF; 11 KB] Study of Cyclic Variation in an SI Engine using Quasi-Dimensional Combustion Model

2007-01-1558 [PDF; 11 KB] Development of a Fully Variable Compressor Map Enhancer for Automotive Application

2007-01-2778 [PDF; 11 KB] Improving the Longitudinal Vehicle Acceleration Performance by Engine Optimization through 1D Numerical Simulation


Aachen Colloquium

Production Feasible Controlled Auto-Ignition Using Internal and External EGR [PDF; 9 KB]


2006-5405 [PDF; 8 KB] Variable Compression Ratio Strategies for Low Emissions

2006-5410 [PDF; 9 KB] The Effects of External EGR During Spark Ignition/Controlled Auto Ignition Combustion Transitions


2006-01-0047 [PDF; 11 KB] Exhaust Gas Recirculation for Improved Part and Full Load Fuel Economy in a Turbocharged Gasoline Engine

2006-01-1110 [PDF; 11 KB] Burn Rate Implications of Alternative Knock Reduction Strategies for Turbocharged SI Engines

SIA Conference

Variable Valve Timing: general options and Technologies [PDF; 48 KB]



2005-01-3744 [PDF; 10 KB] Lean Boost and External Exhaust Gas Recirculation for High Load Controlled Auto-Ignition

2005-01-3833 [PDF; 12 KB] Improving Base Engine Calibrations for Diesel Vehicles Through the Use of DoE and Optimization Techniques