Combustion System Development

A robust combustion system is an absolute key requirement to achieve increasingly stringent emissions and fuel economy targets worldwide. MAHLE Jet Ignition® is an advanced pre-chamber combustion system which can provide benefits in both fuel economy and performance.

Our Value Add

  • Significant analysis and simulation at early design stage
  • Base combustion chamber layout design
  • Injector targeting studies
  • Moving geometry CFD for port, piston and injector optimisation
  • Steady state port flow measurements
  • Optimization of combustion chamber parameters
  • Single and multi-cylinder optimisation


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • System development considering all aspects of production components
  • CFD code (Star-CCM)
  • Steady state cylinder head flow rig
  • Injector flow rig
  • Single cylinder research engines (thermodynamic and optical)
  • Novel approaches to Lean Burn


Customer Benefits

  • Extensive experience of combustion system design for high Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) operation
  • Unique combination of engineering services with engine component expertise

High speed single cylinder research engine
High speed single cylinder research engine (showing balancer gears)