Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

MAHLE Powertrain Ltd (MPT) is a leading provider of integrated powertrain solutions to the global automotive and related supplier business.

Business activities include engine design, development, calibration, diagnostics, casting, engine assembly, machining and test installations.

MAHLE Powertrain Management commit to:

  • Providing a safe working environment for Employees and non-employees
  • Developing safe and environmentally suitable products and processes
  • Involvement with suppliers and service providers
  • Effective prevention of accidents which can affect people and the environment
  • Compliance with legal and other requirements, with a drive towards best practice
  • Open communication with Employees, customers and public

MPT’s environmental management system is certified to ISO 14001, while the safety management system is in line with HSG65. The EMS and SMS contain the arrangement to which the company adheres to. Both systems are periodically audited by external/internal bodies to ensure that all HSE aspects and risks are suitable identified and controlled. Best practice and opportunities for improvement are communicated and actioned within reasonable timescales.

Annual objectives and targets are set to ensure continuous improvement of our HSE performance. Performance is measured via Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are regularly reported to the management team.

It is every Employees responsibility to ensure that this policy statement is adhered to, and ensure compliance with HSE procedures. There are various channels of communications open for Employees to engage with the system and have a positive influence in how MPT operates. MPT recognises the skills and knowledge that people offer and look to develop and support where applicable.

This policy statement shall be made available to the general public and interested parties through the company website, and shall be communicated to all persons working on behalf of the organisation, inclusive of Visitors and Contractors.

This statement will be reviewed annually during the HSE Business Management Review to ensure that it remains suitable and sufficient for our operations.