Hydrogen Combustion

Hydrogen is a zero carbon fuel which has significant potential as an IC engine fuel for applications such as heavy duty, off-road and construction that our proving very difficult to electrify.

Key Attributes of H2 IC Engines

  • Utilises existing proven technology and engine hardware
  • Easy integration into existing vehicle platforms
  • Fast refuelling for high duty cycle applications
  • Maintains ICE powertrain characteristics
  • Lower H2 purity requirement than fuel cells
  • Potential for extremely low emissions

 H2 IC Engine Requirements

  • Mechanical
    1. Material changes for low lubricity & embrittlement
    2. Detailed PCU design for reduced blowby and oil consumption
    3. Positive crankcase purging
  • Combustion System
    1. Measures to tackle abnormal combustion and maximise efficiency
    2. MAHLE Jet Ignition® is an enabler for combustion stability
    3. Optimised for lean operation
    4. Very low engine out NOx achievable at steady state

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Hydrogen as a combustion fuel