MAHLE Interactive Vehicle Interface (MIVI)

MAHLE Powertrain offers a complete service for the design, development, integration and optimisation of powerful, robust and cost effective driver display units which are fully configurable to suit any demo or development vehicle application.  The displays are based on well-proven, generic control panel devices which provide a bright, high-definition LCD screen in a range of sizes with capacitive touch control, integrated 800 MHz CPU and CAN communication interface.

Easy Data Logging

Using this approach, a bespoke driver display unit (or HMI) has been developed for our Range Extender demo vehicle to provide direct access to vital information from the vehicle systems in real time. The unit also allows the driver to control a number of system functions and parameters as well as providing the ability for easy data logging during a drive.

Key display elements (MAHLE REx application)

  • Traction motor data - power & torque
  • Range extender engine output (instantaneous & trip history)
  • Battery power & state of charge (SoC)
  • Charging status
  • Trip data – energy consumed & CO2 produced
  • Engine operating map
  • System energy flow
  • Battery status - voltage & current
  • DC/DC output voltage
  • Temperature guages
Key Display Elements
Key Functions

Key functions (MAHLE REx application)

  • Various driver selectable modes
    • SoC hold
    • SoC target setting
    • Battery balancing enable
    • Record engine operating points
    • Trip computer
    • Cost savings displayed (Various units)
    • Cooling profile over-ride
    • Data logging to USB port
    • Error message retrieval & clearing
    • Instruction manual (vehicle &display)

Any data on the linked CAN bus can be displayed, with the possibility of additional parameters being calculated on-board the device to enable further enhanced functionality.

MAHLE Powertrain can support all your requirements for the development and supply of fully configurable and cost effective driver display units for a wide range of conventional, hybrid or electric vehicle applications.

Enhanced Functionality