Performance Calibration and Controls

The development and optimisation of modern powertrain systems is a highly complex task. Extensive knowledge and experience is necessary for the successful delivery of vehicle programmes.

Performance Applications

Our Value Add

  • Extensive experience in supporting range of customer mainstream and R&D development activities
  • Flexible approach to development program from multi-phase production project to single system focus
  • Collaborative approach to project delivery
  • Utilisation of MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) for rapid concept development
  • Experience of different EMS suppliers on test bed to support customer requirements
  • Global footprint – teams in UK, USA, Germany and China

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

Base Engine Hardware Selection and Layout

  • Combustion System Development
  • Powertrain Hardware Selection
    • Airpath layout
    • Boosting system layout
    • Charge Air Cooler sizing
    • Base engine layout (Compression Ratio, Valvetrain, Injection System, etc.)
    • After-treatment system
  • Port Flow and Charge Motion Optimisation
    • Concept design intake and exhaust port
    • Benchmarking port and system and flow characteristics
    • Extensive benchmarking database
    • Concept appraisal via CFD
    • Early assessment of design with rapid prototype flowbox or cylinder head modification
    • Steady state flow testing to validate cylinder head

Engine and System Optimisation

  • Base Engine Emissions and Performance Optimisation
    • Characterisation of engine performance over a range of standard MAHLE or customer defined tests
    • Early system/component validation testing
    • Propulsion System Testing
  • Advanced Engine Modelling and Optimisation
    • DoE methodology used to improve test efficiency
    • Gaussian Process Modelling to characterise key engine responses
    • Whole area map optimisation
    • PN optimisation over drive cycles/RDE
    • Catalyst heating optimisation
    • Transient load step optimisation
    • Complex valvetrain system modelling
  • Experience of optical measurement techniques
  • Concerns resolution

Application of State of the Art Technologies

  • Advanced Downsizing and Boosting Technologies
    • Research and Customer projects assessing advanced boost system technology
    • eBoosting, eTurbo, Multiple stage, VTG
  • Boosting and EGR Technologies
  • Downsizing
  • Lambda 1 optimisation and hardware system selection

Industry Databases and Competitor Benchmarking

  • Understand industry and wider market trends
  • Understand performance and emissions attributes to support target setting
  • Wide range of general performance and specific attribute databases available
  • Experience of combined engine/vehicle competitor benchmarking projects
  • Demonstrator vehicle projects with application of novel technology (Charge Air Subcooling, combined HP/LP gasoline EGR)

Calibration Methods & Tools

Our Value Add

  • Extensive knowledge base of ICE, Hybrid and BEV powertrains
  • Highly experienced in calibration for all markets including C02 optimisation, Real Driving Emissions (RDE), On Board Diagnostics (OBD), driveability and fleet robustness
  • Flexibility - small concept programs through to full system calibration
  • Efficient resource utilisation through highly integrated test progress
  • Advanced automated data management and analysis with MApps MAHLE Applications (MApps) [PDF; 596 KB]
  • Global footprint - teams in UK, Germany, USA and China

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

Powertrain Calibration Methods and Tools

  • Concept demonstration with rapid developed prototype vehicles Prototype Assembly [PDF; 935 KB]
  • Software development using MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) MAHLE Powertrain's Flexible ECU platform (MFE)
  • Datailed engine mapping using advanced DoE techniques and test automation
  • Emissions and fuel economy optimisation with integrated cross-functional approach
  • Transmission control calibration Transmission Calibration [PDF; 562 KB]
  • HEV / BEV energy management and battery management system (BMS) optimisation
  • Evidence gathering and preparation of documentation for AES / BES, AECD
  • Catalyst ageing, limit hardware generation and fault simulation
  • Vehicle driveability and emotion
  • On Board Diagnostic (OBD) calibration
  • RDE development
  • PEMS testing for RDE legislation
  • Engine and vehicle benchmarking
  • Certification testing and support, OBD demonstration testing (master proving) and Production Vehicle Evaluation (PVE) testing

State of the art facilities for Testing and Type approval

  • eAxle testing capability eAxle Testing [PDF; 1183 KB]
  • Battery test and emulation
  • Advanced AVL engine dynos
  • Fully equipped prototype vehicle build facility Prototype Assembly [PDF; 935 KB]
  • Certified vehicle rolling road & emissions testing facilities including UK's only barometric vehicle test chamber
  • Latest Horiba Portable Emissions measurement (PEMS) with VCA approved test routes for Real Driving EMissions (RDE) validation

Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced product quality
  • Reduced costs and improved project timescales
  • Optimisation of data logging setup and data analysis
  • Reduced warranty claims due to early concern identification
  • Efficient resource utilisation
  • Optimised fleet size

Control Systems

Our Value Add

  • Extensive systems, software and functional safety experience
  • Flexible support for customers:
  • Powertrain, battery, electric motor, hybrid controls & more 
  • From rapid prototype control projects to volume production
  • Systems engineering
  • Full testing and validation support
  • Partner/supplier management
  • Teams in UK, Germany, USA & China

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

Systems Engineering

  • Concept and production systems & architecture development
  • Benchmarking, trade-off studies & target setting
  • Support for sensors, actuators and wiring harnesses
  • System integration & optimization
  • Safety analysis


  • Model based function design in Simulink and TargetLink
  • Simulation and validation of models using HIL and SIL methods

Vehicle Systems

  • Hybrid vehicle system controllers
  • Intelligent gateway modules
  • Battery management systems
  • In-vehicle displays and data logging options 

Powertrain Controls

  • Powertrain function development, modelling & implementation
  • Access to extensive function library, including:
    • Full torque structure for early vehicle integration
    • Alternative fuels (CNG, LPG, hydrogen and biofuels)
    • Closed loop combustion control
    • Electronic throttle control


  • Range ofMAHLE Flexible ECU rapid prototype and production solutions
  • Low and high volume applications
  • Bespoke control hardware design and manufacturing options