MAHLE Flexible ECU

The MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) is a family of flexible, rapid prototyping engine controllers which utilise MAHLE high level control functions implemented on flexible ECU platforms.

Engine control applications:

MFE was initially developed to meet the challenge of increasingly complex engines and vehicle integration requirements. Our own control software was written in-house to allow us to run any engine both on the dynamometer and in vehicle.

MAHLE’s full torque structure control software supports the integration of prototype engines into modern production vehicle systems for realistic testing and assessment of concept performance and emissions. Our growing library of engine control functions covers many of the latest key engine technologies and fuel types so that new applications can be developed quickly from existing library functions.

MFE software is fast and easy to use:

  • Optimised complexity for development tasks
  • Integration with automated testbed controls via ASAP3
  • Interfaces for automated mapping and closed loop combustion control
  • Semi-automated, assisted and manual operation modes
  • Interfaces to in-vehicle displays and data logging
  • Executable code is auto-generated from Simulink / TargetLink models
  • Enables rapid debugging

Unlike many aftermarket / motorsport ECUs, the MFE can be calibrated using a range of standard development tools such as Inca-PC, ATI or CANape over CCP or XCP comms. Testbed integration using ASAP3 is also possible, so engine management system variables and test bed variables can be logged and analysed together.

While initially planned for in-house applications, the MFE can also be used by external clients at their own sites. MAHLE Powertrain can offer 'turnkey' solutions with code generation and configuration through to full open access to source code for client development.

Engine application examples:

  • Small volume production application (2020)
  • Full control for MAHLE Range Extender engine
  • Development of new customer engine family
  • Benchmarking & optimisation of OEM engines
  • Single cylinder research engines (gasoline and diesel)
  • Diesel aftertreatment research (DPF, SCR, LNT)
  • Control of Stirling engine for power generation

Wider applications:

In addition to engine controls, we have applied the same basic approach to a wider range of powertrain related applications :

  • 48V MHEV advanced technology demonstrator vehicle
  • Vehicle control for MAHLE Range Extender hybrid vehicle
  • 48V 'MEET' urban demonstrator vehicle
  • 48V BMS application
  • Alternative fuels demonstrator vehicles
  • Supercar with F1 derived dual regeneration strategies
  • Rig control systems

Hardware platforms:

MAHLE Powertrain began MFE development using SEN’s very capable, rapid prototyping PROtroniC ECU. The power, flexibility and ease-of-reconfiguration allows us to quickly provide control solutions that would have been difficult or impossible with other systems.

MAHLE Powertrain has also developed a number of applications based on Dana hardware. Their service and comprehensive range of competitively priced OpenECUs bridge the gap between pure rapid prototype controllers and low volume production applications. We have installed our in-house torque structure engine operating software into the Pi-Innovo M670 OpenECU for a small volume production engine application and have undertaken various OpenECU developments ranging from battery management, gateway modules, safety monitoring and specialist rig controls.

In-house Hardware:

MAHLE Powertrain also develops bespoke controller hardware in-house where required, including

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Data-logging applications
  • Thermal management
  • Wireless charging control
  • Signal conditioning

MAHLE Powertrain's engineers are able to provide ‘no fuss’, fast, flexible and cost effective control solutions utilising our extensive, in-house developed libraries and applications.

MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) [PDF; 1128 KB]