Engine and Vehicle Build

Highly experienced technicians building top quality prototypes in a specifically tailored environment.

Our Value Add

  • Well-equipped, in-house engine build shop
  • Highly experienced engine build technicians
  • Assembly of prototype and pre-production engines
  • Build of high performance engines for race applications

 Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Dedicated engine build workshop
  • Secure room for engine strip and layout
  • In-house machining and fabrication support
  • In-house wash and metrology facilities
  • Dedicated stores and logistics support

MAHLE Powertrain Demonstrator Vehicles

Our Value Add

  • New for 2016: Vehicle Engineering Centre (VEC)
  • Fully equipped vehicle workshop with six vehicle build stations catering for engine and drivetrain installations, demonstrator vehicle builds and comprehensive instrumentation requirements
  • Dedicated client bay with privacy curtains and separate access
  • Skilled workshop technicians experienced in a wide variety of vehicle tasks

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Prototype vehicle development
  • Demonstrator, mule and small series vehicle builds
  • Conversion or upgrade of donor vehicles into fully-functional demonstrators
  • Hybrid powertrain installations
  • From alternative engine installations to full REEV conversions
  • Vehicle preparation for RDE testing with PEMS (VCA approved)
  • Extensive modifications to induction, exhaust, cooling and fuel systems
  • Fitting of test instrumentation and data logging test equipment
  • Design and installation of prototype electronics
  • Installation of EV battery, inverters, controllers and e-motors (wheel or chassis mounted)
  • Wiring harness design, manufacture and installation
  • In-house machining and fabrication support
  • Secure, enclosed vehicle storage compound for up to 20 vehicles
  • 2.5t vehicle transporter with fully enclosed body

MAHLE Powertrain Felxible ECU (MFE)

Our Value Add

The MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) is a rapid prototyping engine controller which can be configured to run any powertrain application. MAHLE’s full torque structure control software supports the integration of prototype engines into modern production vehicle systems.

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

Solutions for ANY powertrain application:

  • MAHLE develops all of the engine control software in-house
  • Growing library of control functions
  • Full torque structure for early vehicle integration
  • Key controls already in place for many of the key engine technologies and fuel types
  • Quick and easy implementation of new strategies & calibrations
  • ‘No fuss’ controls solutions
  • Software development in Simulink or TargetLink then auto-coded
  • Rapid debugging
  • Configurable hardware
  • Powerful processing
  • Customer intellectual property is protected

Faster, more efficient decelopments:

  • Software ‘optimised’ for development tasks
  • Closed loop combustion control
  • Assisted manual operation modes
  • Familiar CCP/XCP communications protocols supporting e.g. INCA & ATI Vision

Flexible support for:

  • New powertrain concept development & demonstration
  • Integration into existing vehicle systems
  • Related controller products for in-vehicle displays and data logging 

Project examples:

  • MAHLE DI3 downsized technology demonstrator on test bed and in vehicle
  • Engine control and vehicle control for MAHLE Range Extender series hybrid vehicle
  • Diesel aftertreatment research (DPF, SCR, LNT)
  • Control of Stirling engine for power generation
  • Development of new customer engine family
  • Benchmarking & optimisation of OEM engines
  • Single cylinder research engines (gasoline and diesel)