MAHLE Advanced Downsizing Vehicle

Following the successful completion of the second generation downsizing engine development in 2010, the unit was installed in a VW Passat production vehicle to allow further driving development and calibration optimisation. The design and build of this demo vehicle also showcased MAHLE Powertrain’s experience and capabilities in producing production standard demo cars for driving with confidence on the open road.

 In 2011, the vehicle calibration was further developed and the Stop-Start functionality was activated. Recent independent tests have confirmed that the demonstrator vehicle achieves a fuel economy of 5.8 l/100 km (~49 UK mpg) and CO2 emissions of 135 g/km on the NEDC. On the US FTP75 cycle, the vehicle achieves 30.4 miles per US gallon. With 286Nm available from 1,600 rpm, the demo vehicle is also capable of accelerating from 80 to 120 km/h in 8.3 seconds in 5th gear. These are impressive figures for a vehicle of 1.6 tonnes and which also provides a dynamic driving experience with enhanced engine flexibility.

MAHLE Downsizing Engine

Our latest generation of the MAHLE downsizing engine now incorporates 48V technologies to further improve transient response whilst also increasing specific output. The air intake system has been hybridised with the addition of an advanced, liquid-cooled eSupercharger which has the ability to run continuously for enhanced steady state engine performance at low speeds. A Belt Integrated Starter Generator (BISG) has also been applied to the engine together with a 48V battery system, installed in a production VW Golf GTI demonstrator.

Introducing the 48V eSupercharger has allowed the fitment of a larger, conventional turbocharger to increase the maximum power to 193 kW (still based on the original 1.2 litre 3-cyl engine) equating to a specific output of 160 kW/litre. But the most impressive characteristic of this new engine is the delivery of high torque (now in excess of 33 bar BMEP) from low engine speed. With 315 Nm available from 1,500 rpm, this vehicle is easily capable of mimicking the performance of the standard 2.0 litre donor car but also has the ability to provide a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions.

MAHLE eSupercharged Downsizing Demonstrator Vehicle [PDF; 1079 KB]

 The MAHLE downsizing engine has also been installed in a number of customer demo vehicles and has proved to be very effective and convincing across a range of applications.

 The MAHLE downsizing demonstrator vehicles deliver the best of both worlds: flexible and dynamic performance, combined with excellent fuel economy and low emissions.