RDE Development Testing

MAHLE Powertrain – Real Driving Emissions Centre

A state of the art vehicle emissions testing facility with transient altitude and climatic capability.  Vehicles can be tested on the 4WD chassis dyno under widely variable altitude, temperature and humidity conditions. The chamber is fitted with comprehensive exhaust emissions testing equipment to satisfy all requirements of the new WLTC test procedure.

MAHLE Powertrain Real Driving Emissions Centre - Chamber Door

Pressure chamber door

  • Max altitude simulation:       5000m
  • Climatic range:                     -40 °C to +60 °C
  • Humidity:                              10 - 80 % relative humidity
  • Air circulation:                      70,000 m³/hr

Chassis dyno specification

  • Configuration                    4x2
  • Speed, Km/h                     250
  • Force, N                           6400
  • Power, kW                        230 per axle
  • Wheel base, m                  2.1 m min, 4.4 m max
  • Axle weight, kg                  2500 per axle
  • Single CVS tunnel
  • Heated clean intake
  • Heated mixer TEE with SAO
  • Heated sample bags gas/diesel
  • Feed and tail analyser 
  • CVS analyser 
  • PN / PM
  • N2O analyser (QCL)

MAHLE Powertrain Real Driving Emissions Centre - Gas Sampling Pipes

Gas sampling pipes

All current and future including:

  • NEDC
  • WLTC
  • Federal
  • Japanese
  • RDE defined

Altitude and Environmental Equipment

Altitude Simulation

  • -100m to + 5,000m
  • Maximum rate of altitude change - 166 m/min
MAHLE Powertrain Real Driving Emissions Centre 4WD Chassis Dyno

First vehicle on new 4WD chassis dyno for commissioning in July 2018.