Engine and Vehicle Testing

Highly skilled engineers generating consistently accurate test data to maximise value to customers.

Engine Testing

Typical tasks

  • Durability testing and engine development work
  • Advanced development of new products
  • Complete product development up to series production
  • On-line piston temperature measurements
  • Investigation of friction power losses on a specialized friction test bed
  • Turbocharger testing
  • NVH investigations
  • Combustion failure detection, e.g. engine knock
  • Fast oil consumption measurement (cylinder selective, transient)
  • Cavitation measurement in cylinder liners of HD diesel engines
  • Development of special measurement procedures
  • Trouble shooting of in-service problems

MAHLE Powertrain Northampton UK

MAHLE Powertrain in Northampton, UK

  • Climatic and ambient transient test cells, capable of -40 to +50 °C
  • 10 steady-state test cells
  • 2 transient test cells
  • Transient dynamometers rated to 250 kW, 530 Nm
  • 15 absorbing dynamometers up to 700 kW
  • Motoring dynamometers up to 400 kW
  • Horiba 7000 emissions analyzers (gasoline)
  • Horiba 9100 DEGR emissions analyzer (diesel)
  • Combustion DMS500 analyzers for particulate mass and number
  • Battery simulator for hybrid system development
  • Wide range of alternative fuels including CNG, LPG and biofuel blends
  • Analysis, specialized measurement, emissions equipment and fully automated control

Rapid changeover engine test cell

Palletized engine modules

  • On pallet heat exchangers for pre check in hot test
  • Fluid heating for rapid engine warm-up
  • On pallet transducers with signal conditioning
  • 64 temperature channels, 32 pressure channels, 16 current / voltage channels
  • CAN communication protocols
  • AVL Indiset combustion measurement with continuous monitoring
  • Fully automated testing and EMS optimisation

 Combustion air conditioning

  • Combined temperature / humidity control
  • Barometric compensation unit
  • Intake air delivery at up to 2,500 m3 / hour
  • Boost temperature control system

 Chilled coolant system for continuous cold start test cycles

  • 500 kW external refrigeration unit
  • Continuous 5 °C fluid supply
  • Configurable HD camera system for monitoring and event investigation
  • AVL PUMA test automation system

MAHLE Powertrain Plymouth USA

MAHLE Powertrain in Plymouth, USA

40 CFR Parts 86 & 1065 Compliant Testing Facility with 7 Engine Test Cells  Capable up to 500 kW

AVL test cell automation & control suites

  • Integrated with state of the art  products: 
    • i60 dual stream emissions benches
    • 478 Particulate Sampler
    • 483 MicroSoot
    • Indicom Combustion Analysis
    • i60 FTIR
    • APC Particle Counter
    • FlowSonix airflow meters

  • Fully automated & programmable test cell routines to enable fast, accurate & repeatable measurements suited for engine mapping, Design of Experiment based testing with high testing efficiencies and low downtime
  • Automated data collection & reporting using iGEM engine software package


HD Performance and Emissions and OBD Engineering Support

  • Hardware Development
  • OBD Calibration
  • IUVP
  • Emissions Certification
  • Competitive Benchmarking
MAHLE Powertrain Brazil

MAHLE Powertrain in Jundiai, Brasil

  • 13 test cells for dynamometer testing of gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel engines
  • Durability tests:
    • 4 Heavy duty diesel capable dynamometers (including transient)
    • 4 light - medium duty diesel / Otto capable dynamometers
  • Functional and performance tests:
    • 1 Heavy duty diesel capable dynamometer
    • 2 light - medium duty diesel / Otto capable dynamometers
  • Emissions tests:
    • 1 light duty transient engine test bed for Otto and diesel
    • Gaseous emission measurement system AVL AMA i60 (pre & post catalyst)
    • ESC/ETC cycles (THC, CO, NOx, CO2, O2, CH4)
    • Combustion air conditioning
    • Altitude simulation (from sea level to 700m)
    • Oil consumption meter AVL 406
    • Smoke meter and opacimeter
    • Particulates measurement (smart sampler)
  • NVH semi anechoic testing:
    • 1 medium - light duty diesel / Otto capable dynamometer
    • 1 medium - light duty diesel / Otto capable dynamometer
    • Fully equipped cell to measure and analyze noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
    • Cell cut-off 100Hz only
    • Temperature control

MAHLE Powertrain Shanghai

MAHLE Powertrain in Shanghai, China

  • Medium / heavy duty testing:
    • High accuracy AC dynamometer 600 kW, 4400 Nm:
    • Blow-by and oil consumption instrumentation
    • Durability testing
  • Light duty testing
    • High sped eddy current dynamometer 330 kW, 600Nm
    • Blow-by and oil consumption instrumentation
    • Engine component and system test
  • Component / material testing
    • SPECTROLAB metallurgical analyzer
    • Scanning electron microscope
    • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscope
    • Variable air flow test rigs
    • Leakage test rigs
    • Pulsation tester
    • Climate chamber test
    • Salt spray chamber
    • 3D scanning meter

MAHLE Powertrain Stuttgart

  • 32 engine test beds:
    • 14 test rigs for passenger car engines
    • 11 for diesel truck engines
    • 3 for small two-stroke engines
    • Friction measurement test bed
    • Cold test chamber
    • Anechoic chamber
  • Eddy current brakes (160 - 250 kW)
  • AC dynos (200 - 800 kW)
  • Water whirl brakes (400 - 1200 kW)
  • AVL PUMA OPEN automation systems

Vehicle Testing

Our Value Add

Comprehensive, fully certified on-site facilities for vehicle emissions testing and driveability optimization.

MAHLE Powertrain Range Extender Demonstrator Vehicle
  • 2 fully equipped chassis dynamometers for climatic and ambient testing
  • Full size dilution tunnel
  • Gasoline DI and diesel testing capability
  • Particulate mass and count measurement
  • Horiba analysers for gaseous, Pn/Pm
  • VCA certified to EURO 6b
  • Capable of testing to proposed 2020 standards
  • Cold environment vehicle testing
  • -40 °C to +50 °C climatic control for cold start and drive away development
  • Dynamometers rated to 6000 Nm
  • Max tractive effort 8000 N with up to 190 km/h wind velocity
  • Vehicles up to 3000 kg accommodated (max weight 2000 kg per axle)
  • Full range of standard and alternative fuels available
  • FTIR analyser for unregulated gaseous emission analysis and speciation
  • Dedicated soak area for up to 15 vehicles

40 CFR Part 1066 Compliant Vehicle Emissions Certification Lab

  • Four Wheel Drive Chassis Dynamometer
    • Froude Chassis Dyno 4WD
    • 150 kW / roll
    • Adjustable wheel base
    • 200 kph
  • AVL i60 CVS Bag
  • AVL i60 Dual Stream Raw Gas
  • Fixed speed 5,300 CFM fan
  • Variable speed 25,000 CFM fan (84 MPH)
  • Full catalog of US and EU drive cycles
  • Programmable cycles for RDE simulation
  • Automated canister loading
  • HEV – AVL Battery Simulator and Hioki Power Analyzer

AVL  i60 Constant Volume Exhaust Sampling

  • 350 mm Dilution tunnel shared between chassis & engine dynamometer test cells meeting regulatory requirements as specified in CFR Parts 1065 & 1066
  • Flow capacities to handle up to 330 kW on the engine dynamometer and 220 kW on the chassis dynamometer

MAHLE Powertrain Flexible ECU (MFE)

Our Value Add

The MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) is a rapid prototyping engine controller which can be configured to run any powertrain application. MAHLE’s full torque structure control software supports the integration of prototype engines into modern production vehicle systems.

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

Solutions for ANY powertrain application:

  • MAHLE develops all of the engine control software in-house
  • Growing library of control functions
  • Full torque structure for early vehicle integration
  • Key controls already in place for many of the key engine technologies and fuel types
  • Quick and easy implementation of new strategies & calibrations
  • ‘No fuss’ controls solutions
  • Software development in Simulink or TargetLink then auto-coded
  • Rapid debugging
  • Configurable hardware
  • Powerful processing
  • Customer intellectual property is protected

Faster, more efficient decelopments:

  • Software ‘optimised’ for development tasks
  • Closed loop combustion control
  • Assisted manual operation modes
  • Familiar CCP/XCP communications protocols supporting e.g. INCA & ATI Vision

Flexible support for:

  • New powertrain concept development & demonstration
  • Integration into existing vehicle systems
  • Related controller products for in-vehicle displays and data logging 

Project examples:

  • MAHLE DI3 downsized technology demonstrator on test bed and in vehicle
  • Engine control and vehicle control for MAHLE Range Extender series hybrid vehicle
  • Diesel aftertreatment research (DPF, SCR, LNT)
  • Control of Stirling engine for power generation
  • Development of new customer engine family
  • Benchmarking & optimisation of OEM engines
  • Single cylinder research engines (gasoline and diesel)

MAHLE Powertrain Rig Testing

Our Value Add

  • Extensive rig test facilities including multi-axis tilt rig, cylinder head airflow rig, valvetrain dynamics rig and various coolant, oil and fuel system test rigs


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Four dedicated rig test rooms
  • Motored friction tear-down test cell (100 kW motoring)
  • Controllable fuel, oil and coolant parameters
  • Twin bay engine hot test cell
  • Engines run under light or zero load
  • Tilt rig (up to 45˚ inclination) for oil & breather system development
  • Hydrogen supply up to 200 bar for component testing
  • Valve train dynamics / valve rotation rig
  • Cylinder head airflow rig
  • Engine coolant visualization rig
  • Crankshaft thrust loading rig
  • Fuel injector flow rig

MAHLE Powertrain Test Support

Our Value Add

  • Wide range of in-house support functions including instrumentation, metrology, oil analysis, fabrication, facility support and logistics


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • In-cylinder pressure measurement
  • Pressure, flow and temperature measurement
  • Blow-by, smoke and fuel flow measurement
  • Flame lonization Detector (Fast FID)
  • Oil aeration measurement
  • Oil analysis laboratory
  • Surface roughness and hardness testing
  • Form and contour measurement
  • High speed video filming
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) measurement and assessment
  • Metrology equipment
    • Coordinate measurement machine (CMM) with 1600x800x900mm measurement volume
    • Hardness testing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
    • Surface roughness and contour measurement
    • Profile and surface measurement
    • Air gauging
    • Height measurement