Propulsion Systems Testing

Highly skilled engineers generating consistently accurate test and development data to maximise value to customers.

Typical Tasks

  • Battery testing and characterisation
  • eDrive system testing
  • Traction motor testing and development
  • Complex engine development work
  • Advanced development of new products
  • Complete product development up to series production
  • On-line piston temperature measurements
  • Investigation of friction power losses on a specialized friction test bed
  • Turbocharger testing
  • NVH investigations
  • Combustion failure detection, e.g. engine knock
  • Fast oil consumption measurement (cylinder selective, transient)
  • Development of special measurement procedures
  • Trouble shooting of in-service problems
Battery pack testing
Battery pack in test chamber

Our Tools, Facilities and Services in Northampton, UK

  • Climatic and ambient transient test cells, capable of -40 to +50 °C
  • 10 steady-state test cells
  • 2 transient test cells
  • Transient dynamometers rated to 250 kW, 530 Nm
  • 15 absorbing dynamometers up to 700 kW
  • Motoring dynamometers up to 400 kW
  • Horiba 7000 emissions analyzers (gasoline)
  • Cambustion NDIR500 fast analyzers for CO and CO2
  • Cambustion DMS500 fast analyzers for particulate size, mass and number
  • Battery simulator for hybrid system development
  • Wide range of alternative fuels including CNG, LPG and biofuel blends
  • Analysis, specialized measurement, emissions equipment and fully automated control

Rapid changeover engine test cell

Palletized engine modules

  • On pallet heat exchangers for pre check in hot test
  • Fluid heating for rapid engine warm-up
  • On pallet transducers with signal conditioning
  • 64 temperature channels, 32 pressure channels, 16 current / voltage channels
  • CAN communication protocols
  • AVL Indiset combustion measurement with continuous monitoring
  • Fully automated testing and EMS optimisation

 Combustion air conditioning

  • Combined temperature / humidity control
  • Barometric compensation unit
  • Intake air delivery at up to 2,500 m3 / hour
  • Boost temperature control system

Chilled coolant system for continuous cold start test cycles

  • 500 kW external refrigeration unit
  • Continuous 5 °C fluid supply
  • Configurable HD camera system for monitoring and event investigation
  • AVL PUMA test automation system
MAHLE Powertrain's Real Driving Emissions Centre

Our Tools, Facilities and Services in Plymouth, Michigan, USA

CARB AccreditedTest Facility (40 CFR Parts 86 & 1065) with 7 Engine Test Cells  Capable up to 500 kW

Wide range of alternative fuels including CNG, LPG and biofuel blends

AVL test cell automation & control suites

  • Integrated with state of the art  products: 
    • AVL i60 dual stream emissions benches
    • AVL 478 Particulate Sampler
    • AVL 483 MicroSoot
    • AVL Indicom Combustion Analysis
    • AVL i60 FTIR
    • APC Particle Counter
    • FlowSonix airflow meters
  • Fully automated & programmable test cell routines to enable fast, accurate & repeatable measurements suited for engine mapping, Design of Experiment based testing with high testing efficiencies and low downtime
  • Automated data collection & reporting using AVL iGEM engine software package


HD Performance and Emissions and OBD Engineering Support

  • Hardware Development
  • OBD Calibration
  • IUVP
  • Emissions Certification
  • Competitive Benchmarking
MAHLE Powertrain Plymouth, Michigan, USA

Our Tools, Facilities and Services in Shanghai, China

  • Medium / heavy duty testing:
    • High accuracy AC dynamometer 600 kW, 4400 Nm:
    • Blow-by and oil consumption instrumentation
    • Durability testing
  • Light duty testing
    • High sped eddy current dynamometer 330 kW, 600Nm
    • Blow-by and oil consumption instrumentation
    • Engine component and system test
  • Component / material testing
    • SPECTROLAB metallurgical analyzer
    • Scanning electron microscope
    • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscope
    • Variable air flow test rigs
    • Leakage test rigs
    • Pulsation tester
    • Climate chamber test
    • Salt spray chamber
    • 3D scanning meter
MAHLE Powertrain Shanghai, China

Our Tools, Facilities and Services in Stuttgart, Germany

  • New eAxle test facility
    • Dynamic tracking tests with vehicle simulation
    • Torque vectoring with wheel slip simulation
    • Performance mapping
    • eDrive characterization
    • Thermal testing (-30 to +130 deg C)
    • Efficiency studies
    • Peak power 840 kW (420kw x2)
    • Peak torque 8,400 Nm (4,200 Nm x2)
  • 32 engine test beds:
    • 14 test rigs for passenger car engines
    • 11 for diesel truck engines
    • 3 for small two-stroke engines
    • Friction measurement test bed
    • Cold test chamber
    • Anechoic chamber
  • Eddy current brakes (160 - 250 kW)
  • AC dynos (200 - 800 kW)
  • Water whirl brakes (400 - 1200 kW)
  • AVL PUMA OPEN automation systems
MAHLE Powertrain Stuttgart
Extensive Rig Test Facilities

Our Value Add

  • Extensive rig test facilities including multi-axis tilt rig, cylinder head airflow rig, valvetrain dynamics rig and various coolant, oil and fuel system test rigs


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Four dedicated rig test rooms
  • Motored friction tear-down test cell (100 kW motoring)
  • Controllable fuel, oil and coolant parameters
  • Twin bay engine hot test cell
  • Engines run under light or zero load
  • Tilt rig (up to 45˚ inclination) for oil & breather system development
  • Hydrogen supply up to 200 bar for component testing
  • Valve train dynamics / valve rotation rig
  • Cylinder head airflow rig
  • Engine coolant visualization rig
  • Crankshaft thrust loading rig
  • Fuel injector flow rig

In-house Support Functions

Our Value Add
Wide range of in-house support functions including instrumentation, metrology, oil analysis, fabrication, facility support and logistics


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • In-cylinder pressure measurement
  • Pressure, flow and temperature measurement
  • Blow-by, smoke and fuel flow measurement
  • Flame lonization Detector (Fast FID)
  • Oil aeration measurement
  • Oil analysis laboratory
  • Surface roughness and hardness testing
  • Form and contour measurement
  • High speed video filming
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) measurement and assessment
  • Metrology equipment
    • Coordinate measurement machine (CMM) with 1600x800x900mm measurement volume
    • Hardness testing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
    • Surface roughness and contour measurement
    • Profile and surface measurement
    • Air gauging
    • Height measurement