Vehicle Testing

Our Value Add

Comprehensive, fully certified on-site facilities for vehicle emissions testing and driveability optimization.

MAHLE Powertrain's Glass Range Extender Car

Our Tools, Facilities and Services Managed in Northampton, UK:

  • New RDE Centre for comprehensive vehicle development work
  • Includes 4WD chassis dyno with climatic and altitude capability (up to 5000m)
  • 2 fully equipped chassis dynamometers for climatic and ambient testing
  • Full size dilution tunnel
  • Gasoline DI and diesel testing capability
  • Particulate mass and count measurement
  • Horiba analysers for gaseous, Pn/Pm
  • VCA certified to EURO 6b
  • Capable of testing to proposed 2020 standards
  • Cold environment vehicle testing
  • -40 °C to +50 °C climatic control for cold start and drive away development
  • Dynamometers rated to 6000 Nm
  • Max tractive effort 8000 N with up to 190 km/h wind velocity
  • Vehicles up to 3000 kg accommodated (max weight 2000 kg per axle)
  • Full range of standard and alternative fuels available
  • FTIR analyser for unregulated gaseous emission analysis and speciation
  • Dedicated soak area for up to 15 vehicles

MAHLE Powertrain's Glass Range Extender Car

Our Tools, Facilities and Services Managed in Plymouth, Michigan, USA:

CARB Accredited Vehicle Emissions Lab (40 CFR Part 1066)

  • Four Wheel Drive Chassis Dynamometer
    • Froude Chassis Dyno 4WD
    • 150 kW / roll
    • Adjustable wheel base
    • 200 kph

  • AVL i60 CVS Bag
  • AVL i60 Dual Stream Raw Gas
  • Fixed speed 5,300 CFM fan
  • Variable speed 25,000 CFM fan (84 MPH)
  • Full catalog of US and EU drive cycles
  • Programmable cycles for RDE simulation
  • Automated canister loading
  • HEV – AVL Battery Simulator and Hioki Power Analyzer

AVL i60 Constant Volume Exhaust Sampling

  • 350 mm Dilution tunnel shared between chassis & engine dynamometer test cells meeting regulatory requirements as specified in CFR Parts 1065 & 1066
  • Flow capacities to handle up to 330 kW on the engine dynamometer and 220 kW on the chassis dynamometer