Boosting and EGR Technologies

MAHLE Powertrain Downsizing Engine

MAHLE Powertrain has been operating at the forefront of boosting technology development for many years.

Our Value Add

  • Highly experienced in engine boosting & valve train technologies
  • Detailed understanding of combustion, gas flow and energy management interactions
  • In depth knowledge of single, two-stage and supercharging systems
  • Twin-scroll, variable flow and variable geometry designs
  • Torque boost CamInCam┬« technology
  • Complete air path optimization
  • Specific outputs up to 120 kW/I (single turbo) and 160 kW/I (2-stage turbo)
MAHLE Powertrain Downsizing Engine

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

Customer Benefits

  • Optimized low-speed torque, rapid transient response and maximum efficiency
  • Performance and fuel economy in a highly boosted and optimized engine
  • From high performance engines through to state of the art downsized engines
  • Engine system and component knowledge backup of the MAHLE Group