Electrification Technologies

MAHLE Powertrain has developed capabilities and techniques to support our clients to develop fully optimised conventional, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, range extended and battery electric vehicles.

  • Detailed analysis & simulation of components through to complete vehicles
  • Battery pack design, build and testing
  • eMotor design & development
  • Control hardware (prototype & production)
  • Control strategy development & calibration
  • Whole vehicle system integration
  • Powertrain & component testing
  • Vehicle build & testing

Project examples:

  • MAHLE Modular Hybrid Powertrain - A fully integrated modular solution combining high efficiency IC engine, traction motor, generator, power electronics and transmission. Scalable for a wide range of vehicle applications.
  • 48V Battery Pack - A high power, high charge rate 48V battery pack for a range of mild hybrid applications.
  • Integration & control of electric turbo chargers for a PHEV application.
  • Full vehicle integration of performance hybrid with MGU-K and MGU-H.
  • Through the Road Parallel Hybrid - A Performance Hybrid AWD demonstrator employing high output wheel motors to provide three alternative drive modes.
  • Range Extender demo car - Series hybrid with full integration of clean sheet range extender engine. Conversion of a vehicle to full electric operation.
  • Advanced Downsizing demo car - 48V MHEV vehicle conversion including BSG, eSupercharger and control system.

Electrification Build & Test [PDF; 1785 KB]

Electrification Design & Development [PDF; 1228 KB]

Power Electronics