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MAHLE Hybrid Powertrain Aachen Abstract 2019 [PDF; 28 KB]

MAHLE Jet Ignition® Aachen Abstract 2019 [PDF; 30 KB]

European Combustion Meeting

Shadow-Position Mixing Model ECM Abstract 2019 [PDF; 28 KB]


MAHLE Jet Ignition® ICEPSFT Abstract 2019 [PDF; 30 KB]


MAHLE Hybrid Powertrain IMechE Abstract 2019 [PDF; 31 KB]

International Conferenece on Engines & Vehicles

Turbulent Jet Igniter ICE&V Abstract 2019 [PDF; 79 KB]

SIA Powertrain & Electronics

HyPACE Engine SIA Abstract 2019 [PDF; 109 KB]

Small Engine Technology Conference & Exposition

MAHLE Jet Ignition® Small Engine Technology Conference Abstract 2019 [PDF; 94 KB]

WCX SAE World Congress Conference


An easy-to-use and fast computational model for the prediction of the influence of manufacturing errors on gear transmission error [PDF; 589 KB]
Rauch A.D.; Wirth C.

Bonn - VDI-Tagung

The driveline architecture and 2-speed transmission of Rimac C_Two [PDF; 133 KB]
Rimac M.; Wirth C.