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25th - 26th January - ATZ - Frankfurt

The Powertrain of tomorrow [PDF; 181 KB]

1st - 2nd March - Future Powertrain Conference - Solihull

Challenges for high specific output engines to achieve Real Driving Emissions [PDF; 139 KB]

14th - 15th March - Stuttgart Symposium - Stuttgart

Dynamic Downsizing Gasoline Demonstrator [PDF; 143 KB]

4th - 6th April - SAE World Congress - Detroit

Dynamic Downsizing Gasoline Demonstrator [PDF; 142 KB]

6th April - European All-Wheel Drive Congress - Graz.

Synthesis of Torque Vectoring Topologies with Hybrid Functionalities  [PDF; 1227 KB]
Höhn, B.-R.; Wirth, Ch.; Garcia, A.

7th - 8th June - SIA Powertrain - Paris

Extremely Downsized Gasoline Demonstrator Vehicle [PDF; 7 KB]

6th - 7th September - Cenex LCV - Millbrook

Gasoline Engine Technology Outlook for Future Passenger Cars [PDF; 2622 KB]

27th - 28th September - Haus der Technik - Wurzburg

Der MAHLE Range Extender [PDF; 6 KB]

9th - 11th October - EVS30 Symposium - Stuttgart

The MAHLE Range Extender [PDF; 6 KB]

6th - 7th December - IMechE Internal Combustion Engines - Birmingham

Dynamically Downsized Gasoline Demonstrator Vehicle [PDF; 7 KB]

International Conference on Gears - Bonn.

AT or DCT? MCT – The best of both worlds! [PDF; 260 KB]
Wirth, Ch.; Garcia, A.