View our 2015 technical paper abstracts here

19th - 23rd April - SAE World congress - Detroit

PS Based Energy Management Control for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles [PDF; 52 KB]

The potentials of close coupled SCR system and novel PNA for future diesel passenger cars emission legislations [PDF; 52 KB]

10th - 13th May - IMechE - Vehicle Thermal Management Systems - Nottingham

Charge Air Sub-Cooling for Improved Transient Response  [PDF; 76 KB]

27th - 28th May - SIA Powertrain - Paris

Maintaining High Efficiency from Extreme Downsized Gasoline [PDF; 76 KB]

eSupercharging for Heavily Downsized Gasoline Engines [PDF; 75 KB]

9th - 10th September - Cenex LCV - Millbrook

Through-the-Road Parallel Hybrid with In-wheel Motors [PDF; 76 KB]

5th - 7th October - Aachen Colloquium - Aachen

Dynamic Downsizing for Gasoline Engines [PDF; 76 KB]

28th - 29th October - Hyundai-Kia International Powertrain Conference - Hwaseong-si

The novel PNA and SCR exhaust gas after treatment systems for diesel passenger cars [PDF; 76 KB]

2nd - 3rd December - IMechE Internal Combustion Engines - London

Dynamic Downsizing for Gasoline Engines [PDF; 75 KB]

The novel SCR and PNA exhaust gas after treatment systems for future diesel passenger cars [PDF; 77 KB]