With requirements for higher specific power output and stringent emissions control, the trend in injection pressures is moving towards 2,500 bar for passenger cars and up to 3,000 bar for heavy duty applications.

Our Value Add

  • Experienced in the selection and optimization process for all types of fuel injection equipment
    • Common Rail (CR)
    • Unit Pump Common Rail (UPCR)
    • Distributed Pump Common Rail (DPCR)
    • Remote Pump Common Rail (RPCR)
  • Development of AdBlue dosing units for efficient NOx reduction in DeNOx systems
  • Holistic approach to optimise
    • Pump and injector flow
    • Nozzle (# of holes, cone angle, hole L/D, k factor)
    • Piston bowl shape
    • Swirl characteristics
  • Complete system knowledge to achieve desired power output and emission levels

 Our Tools, Facilities and Services


Customer Benefits

  • Best possible combustion system for required power and emissions output
  • Independent and flexible development with system know-how
  • Quality work, creative ideas and customer tailored support
  • Unique combination of engineering services with engine component expertise