Drive-cycle and Vehicle Performance Simulation

Drive cycle simulation is used extensively to assess the CO2 reduction potential and vehicle performance enhancement benefits of various technologies, including hybridization.

Our Value Add

  • Evaluation of novel hybrid architectures using forward or backward facing analysis techniques
  • ‘Virtual’ driver model to support forward facing analysis
  • In –depth knowledge of hybrid components (batteries, super-capacitors, electric motors, converters, mechanical flywheels)
  • Control algorithm and drive-cycle development (RDE and legislative cycles)
  • Ability to model influence of component dynamic performance
  • Cooling system analysis under transient operation


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • GT-suite for building a virtual vehicle driveline
  • Direct link to MATLAB/Simulink software for detailed control analysis
  • Ability to develop complex control strategies and algorithms
  • Bespoke sub-models to enhance the analysis process
  • From concept to production engineering services


Customer Benefits

  • Significant experience in the field of vehicle modelling and hybrid technologies
  • Customer tailored project approach for maximum efficiency
  • Development of bespoke component models and control strategies
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing project objectives