MAHLE Flexible ECU

Our Value Add
The MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) is a rapid prototyping engine controller which can be configured to run any powertrain application. MAHLE’s full torque structure control software supports the integration of prototype engines into modern production vehicle systems.

Solutions for ANY powertrain application:

  • MAHLE develops all of the engine control software in-house
  • Growing library of control functions
  • Full torque structure for early vehicle integration
  • Key controls already in place for many of the key engine technologies and fuel types
  • Quick and easy implementation of new strategies & calibrations
  • ‘No fuss’ controls solutions
  • Software development in Simulink or TargetLink then auto-coded
  • Rapid debugging
  • Configurable hardware
  • Powerful processing
  • Customer intellectual property is protected

Faster, more efficient developments: 

  • Software ‘optimised’ for development tasks
  • Closed loop combustion control
  • Assisted manual operation modes
  • Familiar CCP/XCP communications protocols supporting e.g. INCA & ATI Vision

Flexible support for:

  • New powertrain concept development & demonstration
  • Integration into existing vehicle systems
  • Related controller products for in-vehicle displays and data logging