Combustion System Development

Diesel combustion system development involves a detailed understanding of the complex interactions of air and fuel mixing, chemical reactions, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.


Our Value Add

  • Experience of being at the ‘heart of combustion’ with MAHLE’s products
  • Combustion system optimization towards highest output, best fuel economy and emissions compliance
  • Optimized system architecture of intake and exhaust ports, swirl, fuel injection equipment (FIE) and piston bowl shape


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • FEM (Finite element methods) & CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation tools
  • DoE (Design of experiment)
  • Data acquisition and analysis tool set (ProLogiqTM)
  • Component test rigs e.g. diesel cylinder head flow rig
  • Specially developed analysis tools  


Customer Benefits

  • Maximum reliability, durability and system robustness
  • Maximum modularity and highest flexibility
  • Quality work, creative ideas and customer tailored support
  • Unique combination of engineering services with engine component expertise

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