Optimising Specific Power and Torque

Customer Requirements

Market demands for vehicle performance with increasing levels of comfort, refinement and crash protection will continue to dictate the urgent need for engines to deliver higher specific power and torque outputs.
The requirement for high torque at low speed, coupled with excellent transient response, is a necessity for vehicles to achieve the driveability levels which customers now expect.


  • Transient response can have as strong an impact on customer experience as absolute torque values
  • Cost optimized engines are expected to deliver good performance as well
  • Optimum power and torque can be designed in from the start
  • At the top end of the spectrum, performance engines live in performance vehicles
  • Lubrication, cooling and structural requirements are often different to conventional vehicles
  • A performance engine's characteristics form part of the brand's DNA

Our Solution

MAHLE Powertrain fully understands what is necessary for an engine to achieve class-leading specific power and torque levels whilst still maintaining excellent durability and minimising both fuel consumption and emissions. Our track record demonstrates a broad spectrum of engine sizes and configurations, which have all been acknowledged as class leaders in their respective vehicle segments.

Customer Benefits

  • MAHLE Powertrain's history of developing class-leading performance engine designs including the Escort Cosworth, and Audi V10 TFSi RS6
  • Engine system and component knowledge backup of one of the MAHLE Group
  • Practical approach of a consultancy that also manufactures and assembles engines in its own facility

Our Strengths

  • Series production high speed NA road engines > 70 kW/l
  • Series production high performance turbo road engines >30bar Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) and >120 kW/l
  • Development of production road engines that achieve performance, emissions and refinement, often in very restricted package constraints
  • Our highly experienced design and analysis team has worked on some of the greatest road engines of the last 20 years

Our Services

  • 'Clean Sheet' design or performance upgrade
  • Naturally aspirated or pressure charged engine design
  • Powertrain integration into vehicle including concept and demonstrator builds for proving and management appraisal
  • Engine design, development, verification and calibration for mass production
  • Low volume production of niche engines/variants
  • Benchmarking services across a broad spectrum of powertrains

Our Tools and Facilities

  • Engine and vehicle performance simulation
  • State of the art engine dynamometer facility offers steady state and transient test capability for all engines from mini-car to super-car
  • Particulate measurement capability for tailpipe emissions testing