Improving Vehicle Performance

The performance of a vehicle can be defined in many different ways. Whilst top speed and acceleration are often quoted, the driveability of a vehicle is a much more relevant metric for real-world usage. The level of optimisation of a vehicle's driveability will ultimately decide its success or failure in the market place and the behaviour of the engine in all conditions is a critical factor.

  • Requirement to achieve high levels of vehicle performance whilst also meeting brand and customer driveability requirements
  • Ensuring client 'DNA' is maintained
  • Robust and reliable operation for all markets and environmental conditions
  • Integration with emissions and on board diagnostic requirements

MAHLE Powertrain knows how to achieve high driveability standards. Whilst this measure of a vehicle's performance is largely subjective, our engineers have the experience and tools to interpret the customer's brand DNA and to develop the calibration accordingly. This is achieved whilst maintaining competitive levels of power, torque, fuel, economy, durability, emissions and noise, vibration and harshness in a fully optimised package.

  • Practical approach of a consultancy that also manufactures and assembles engines in its own facility
  • MAHLE Powertrain's history of developing class-leading performance engine designs including the Escort Cosworth and Audi V10 TFSi
  • Component knowledge backup of the MAHLE Group

  • Highly experienced engineering team has worked on some of the greatest high performance road vehicles of the last decade
  • Series production high speed naturally aspirated road engines with more than 70 kW/l and high performance turbo road engines exceeding 30 bar Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) and 120 kW/l
  • Experience with production road engines that achieve performance, emissions and refinement, often in very restricted package constraints

  • Fully integrated approach across design, analysis, development and calibration from performance upgrades to 'clean-sheet' designs
  • Rapid cost effective build and development of concept vehicles for performance demonstration and management appraisal
  • State of the art engine and vehicle dynamometer facility offers steady state and transient test capability for all engines from mini-car to super-car
  • Vehicle usage analysis for improved market understanding

  • Extensive database of subjective and objective driveability measurement data from 10+ years of vehicle programs
  • Vehicle simulation including hybrid powertrain modelling
  • Comprehensive vehicle benchmarking database
  • Fully climatic 2WD chassis rolls test facility VCA approved for emissions certificate testing
  • Particulate measurement capability for tailpipe emissions testing
  • Gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels capability