Friction Reduction

Customer Requirements

Reducing engine friction has gained increased importance within the automotive industry in recent years, as manufacturers are looking to improve engine efficiency and hence CO2 emissions. Friction reduction benefits can be applied across all engines, whether gasoline or diesel, from small twin cylinders to large V12s the same principles apply. Any efficiency improvements achieved will have a significant benefit on the total emissions of a vehicle fleet.

Our Solution

MAHLE Powertrain has proven capabilities in both designing engine for low friction and applying friction reduction technologies to existing engines. In addition to this experience, MAHLE Powertrain has direct access to the MAHLE Group's engine component and system resources. Combining the detailed base engine and component knowledge with extensive testing capabilities, MAHLE Powertrain can deliver class leading, low friction engine solutions.

Customer Benefits

  • Experience of a leading-edge internal combustion engine developer
  • Detailed knowledge of the root causes of parasitic loss
  • Practical approach of a consultancy that also assembles engines in its own facility
  • Engine system and component knowledge backup of the MAHLE Group

Our Strengths

  • Substantial practical experience of introducing low friction engines into production
  • The MAHLE advanced downsizing demonstrator engine is a recognised industry benchmark for efficiency
  • Philosophy of using simple, practical design features to reduce friction
  • Ability to react quickly to specific customer needs
  • Innovative approach not constrained by current practices or equipment

Our Services

  • Analysis of existing engine design to highlight and quantify potential friction reduction opportunities
  • Complete engine friction teardown benchmarking and assessment
  • Design and instrumentation of engine components for friction measurement in fired engines (e.g. cam drive, valvetrain)
  • Design and manufacture of specific component friction rigs

Our Tools and Facilities

  • 1D and 3D predictive analysis tools for friction reduction potential and associated CO2 benefits
  • Extensive databases of engine and component friction levels for benchmarking of customer engine designs
  • Complete engine and component friction rigs and dynamometers
  • In-house developed techniques to measure component friction within a fired engine