Customer Requirements

Manufacturing of customer products is a multi-faceted and complex issue. Challenging specifications, quality requirements, budgets and timescales require optimisation at all stages of the process.

On-time fault free product delivery is crucial and manufacturing know-how and expertise underpins success.

Close cooperation with the customer teams, design for manufacture, prototyping and careful planning throughout implementation are key elements of the project management process.


  • Program objectives and constraints
  • Commercial optimisation
  • Development, design for manufacture and simultaneous engineering support
  • Production planning and quality assurance
  • Manufacturing flexibility and responsiveness

Our Solution

MAHLE Powertrain's extensive experience in machining and the assembly of powertrains brings knowledge and understanding thus enabling us to offer a range of services and add value to customer products, their needs and expectations.

Project management and advanced quality planning systems promotes fault-free on-time delivery against agreed milestones and gateways.

Our Powertrain manufacturing heritage is complemented by MAHLE Group's global knowledge and manufacture of engine components and sub-systems.

Customer Benefits

  • A comprehensive range of in-house precision manufacturing services
  • Providing value and quality through knowledge, experience and commitment
  • Prototypes, batch and series production are available according to requirements
  • Problem solving and innovative solutions
  • A culture of right first time, continuous improvement and delivering to customer expectations

Our Strengths

  • Long history of success in the automotive sector
  • Flexibility to supply diverse non-automotive applications
  • Machining and assembly operations
  • Ability to support the process from concept to production
  • Customer focused and flexible approach
  • Familiarity with complex specifications, high quality requirements and short lead-times
  • Highly skilled and experienced operators and engineers
  • Continuous improvement approach to maintain class leading products and services

Our Services

  • Machining facilities for prototypes, low or higher volume series scenarios
  • Assembly operations and end-of-line testing
  • Support for niche or specialist components and spare parts
  • Make-like-production approach for pre-series manufacture
  • Supply chain management and Supplier Quality Assurance
  • Tier 1 management expertise

Our Tools and Facilities

  • Machining and assembly capabilities for a range of batch and volume requirements
  • Manufacturing input into design from concept through to production
  • Flexible CNC machines, CMM's and product specific process equipment configured to optimise the production process
  • MAHLE Group worldwide production expertise
  • Strong relationships with machine tool and tooling suppliers
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability for fast and efficient data communication
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) using an established PLM system