Achieving Future Emissions Standards

Customer Requirements

All vehicle manufacturers face a constant challenge to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and those relating to tailpipe emissions are among the toughest to meet. Predicting the requirements of future legislation presents an even bigger challenge as the auto industry prepares for the impact of financial penalties for those exceeding fleet average CO2 limits.


  • Balancing fuel economy against target emissions levels
  • Requirement to achieve high levels of vehicle performance whilst also meeting brand and customer driveability requirements
  • Suitable headroom from legal emissions thresholds to allow for impact of intrusive On Board Diagnostic (OBD) tests and demonstration of OBD failures

Our Solution

MAHLE Powertrain has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the target emissions standards are achieved for all vehicle applications and materials worldwide. From specifying engine hardware to aftertreatment packaging, to EMS calibration and OBD robustness, our engineers have all the essential skills and passion to deliver a vehicle which fulfils all requirements.

Customer Benefits

  • Proven expertise
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved timescales
  • Enhanced product quality and improved robustness through ProLogiq™

Our Strengths

  • Engineering experience built into tool sets
  • Adaptable and flexible approach
  • Validation and robustness integrated into key calibration phases (emissions, driveability and OBD)
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Efficient resource utilisation
  • Clearly defined quality targets
  • Advanced data management and analysis with ProLogiq™

Our Services

  • Concept development for future emissions targets
  • Rapid and cost effective development of demonstrator engines and vehicles
  • 'Clean sheet' design through to calibration updates required to meet new legislation
  • Development and calibration of exhaust after-treatment systems

Our Tools and Facilities

  • State of the art transient engine dynamometer with CVS drive cycle simulation and fully equipped for alternative fuels testing (alcohol fuels, CNG, LPG, H2)
  • 2WD chassis rolls test facility VCA approved for certification testing
  • Proven techniques and procedures for optimisation of OBD systems
  • Single cylinder optical & thermodynamic combustion system development
  • 4WD chassis dyno with altitude capability (VCA approved)