MAHLE Powertrain generates interest at the 2011 SAE Congress

MAHLE Powertrain presented 5 papers and chaired two technical sessions during this year's SAE World Congress

MAHLE Powertrain presented 5 papers and chaired two technical sessions during this year’s SAE World Congress. Dr. Mike Bassett, Head of MAHLE Powertrain’s Gasoline 2 and Hybrid Product Group, presented on the “Design of a Dedicated Range Extender Engine” (paper 2011-01-0862) to a packed room of engineers. He reviewed MAHLE’s new, 900cc range extender engine that delivers 30 kW from a small package volume with good NVH attributes, low cost and weight, and horizontal installation capability.

Dr. William Attard, MAHLE Powertrain’s Research and Design Specialist, presented paper 2011-01-0664, “A new combustion system achieving high drive cycle fuel economy improvements in a modern vehicle powertrain” to a room of over 100 industry specialists. A review of the paper was featured in Green Car Congress on April 14th: Dr. Attard also chaired the Alternative and Advanced Fuels Technical sessions which discussed various applications of alternative fuels in both gasoline and diesel engines.

Kathy Kedzior, Manager of Test Systems, chaired the Vehicle Diagnostics Technical Session which had speakers from passenger car, agriculture and construction discussing new technologies and trends in vehicle diagnostics. Her following “chat with experts” elaborated more on how to deal with the ever increasing challenge for vehicle manufacturers to develop accurate diagnostic methods to quickly diagnose vehicle issues. Both sessions were well attended by industry sector specialists.

Other papers delivered by MAHLE Powertrain included:

  • Benefits of MAHLE CamInCam® applied to a gasoline turbocharged downsized engine (2011-01-0360)
    Characterisation of flow structures in a DISI engine (2011-01-1290)
    Safety design of a brake-by-wire control system (2011-01-0212)

All listed papers are now available for purchase on the SAE website: