MAHLE Flexible ECU

Flexible ECU for engine and component development

MAHLE Powertrain has developed an in-house ‘Flexible ECU’ platform, known as MFE, to allow rapid software development by our own engineers. The hardware was specified to provide sufficient processing power and flexible input / output to meet all likely applications, including:

  • Extensive analogue, digital and power input/output capability
  • Direct triggering of diesel/direct injection gasoline solenoid injectors
  • Multiple CAN buses with easily configured message definition

Utilising this basic platform, MAHLE Powertrain has also developed its own gasoline and diesel engine management code, based on extensive experience with many different production management systems. The software was initially set up for testbed running, but has now been developed into a fully transient torque-based vehicle system. More complex features can be easily turned off when not required, to improve ease of use during basic testing.

The executable code is auto-generated from graphical Simulink / TargetLink models, which greatly reduces the risk of errors and means code development does not have to be handled by software experts. The graphical source code also provides comprehensive documentation for users of the system.

Unlike many aftermarket / motorsport ECUs, the MFE is calibrated using standard tools such as Inca-PC. This allows a quick learning process for development engineers and provides powerful data logging, analysis and dataset management capabilities. Testbed integration using ASAP3 is also possible, so engine management system variables and test bed variables can be logged and analysed together.

While initially planned for in-house applications, the MFE is also used by external clients at their own sites. MAHLE Powertrain can offer a wide range of models for this usage, from “turnkey” solutions with code generation and configuration through to full open access to source code for client development.

For more information visit our MAHLE Flexible ECU page in our Engineering section

Additionally you can download our latest brochure here. [PDF; 1345 KB]