Tougher legislation, increased system complexity and tighter resource pressures have driven the need for even more efficient engine and vehicle calibration methods and tools.

Our Value Add

  • Engine and vehicle calibration using comprehensive CalLogiq service
    • Extensive knowledge base
    • Efficient resource utilization
    • Continuous monitoring of quality targets (Measures of success)
    • Advanced data management and analysis (MApps™)
  • Consider interactions between base engine optimization, driveability, emissions and OBD robustness
  • ProLogiq™ & MApps™ toolsets for automated processing and reporting
  • Early identification and resolution of concerns


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Concept demonstration with rapidly developed prototype vehicles
  • Software development using MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) platform
  • Thermodynamic engine development
  • Detailed engine mapping
  • Emissions calibration and exhaust aftertreatment specification
  • On board diagnostic (OBD) calibration
  • PEMS testing for RDE legislation
  • Engine and vehicle benchmarking
  • Certification, master proving and Production Vehicle Evaluation (PVE) testing 

Customer Benefits

  • Target driven calibration process
  • Full derivate production development
  • Flexible and customer tailored services
  • Cost effective engine and vehicle calibration methods and tools
  • Efficient utilization of budget and resources
  • Faster and more accurate results from fewer vehicles
  • Enhanced product quality leading to reduced warranty claims