Conventional and Alternative Fuels

Increasing use of alternative fuels from renewable resources reduces our dependence on crude oil reserves and has good potential to reduce well-to-wheel CO2 emissions.

Our Value Add

  • Vast experience in alternative fuel combustion processes
  • Specific engine design considerations & knowledge
  • Continuous advanced research activities
  • Use of in-house baseline engine for back-to-back comparison
  • Application of proven control systems for bio-fuel engines
  • Full development of alternative fuelled engines & vehicles
  • Understanding of relevant fuel storage issues

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Single and multi-cylinder research engines (optical and thermal)
  • Comprehensive engine and vehicle test facilities (EU6 / LEV2 certified)
  • Dedicated engine indicating systems
  • Full suite of analysis tools (e.g. 3D, CFD, 1D including MAHLE combustion and knock models)

Customer Benefits

  • Highest level of data quality in reduced timescales
  • High flexibility and capability to run a wide range of fuels
  • Cost effective and novel solutions delivered on time
  • Full range of engine design, development and calibration services
  • On-site vehicle build and test services

Project Examples / References

  • Development of a high output T-GDI engine optimised to run exclusively on CNG
  • Study of synergies between downsizing and ethanol / butanol blends
  • Optical engine studies into combustion of wide range of biofuel blends
  • E85 cold start development and calibration