Manufacturing and Repair Bay Testing

MAHLE Test Systems performs world class vehicle final assembly - End-Of-Line (EOL) - testing for global vehicle OEMs. This includes both the Static (Pre-Rolls) and Dynamic (Rolls Machine) test stations. We use our best-in-class software and vehicle communication hardware which allow us to complete over 250 system checks in less than 2 minutes.

MAHLE also designs custom solutions for in-line testing, such as current based testing, module programming and leak testing.

By using MAHLE as your integrator of manufacturing testing, you have independence and control to author and develop your manufacturing test systems. This allows for easy modification to your global manufacturing testing processes, resulting in fewer resources. MAHLE's TestLogiq® tool suite allows your engineers to develop optimized test strategies rather than develop software code.

MAHLE Fixed Tester [PDF; 304 KB]

MAHLE VisionLogiq [PDF; 238 KB]