MAHLE ReportLogiq®—Web Based Reporting System

Production engineers and plant management are interested in learning the build statistics on the manufacturing process as well as dealer service feedback. Once the area of interest is identified, then a method to "drill down" to more specific test run data is necessary. The faster that the users can look through the various slices of data, the faster they can find the root cause.

MAHLE Test Systems has created a flexible web based data reporting application, ReportLogiq® that allows a variety of end users to graphically study large volumes of recorded data.

ReportLogiq® web based data reporting system is interactive and highly user configurable. This software enables key decisions to be made based on up-to-the-minute (real time) graphical reports. Vehicle data is displayed graphically using selectable charts and statistical tools to identify trends, recognize new concerns and monitor performance. Reports and filters are easily defined by the user, without any software changes necessary.

ReportLogiq® has the capability to integrate multiple data sources and therefore can be used in a variety of applications including: engineering / durability fleet flight recorders, end of line testing, repair, service, and component testing to provide a more complete picture of warranty and potential field issues. ReportLogiq® can be used either in conjunction with our other Test Systems products (e.g. our data loggers, tester units and run time software) or with other test data.

MAHLE's ReportLogiq® was recently selected by a major North American OEM to replace their existing global plant reporting system. This system provided significant IT cost savings to this OEM by supporting a central web server configuration (versus a server at each plant). In addition, having a central web server provides a single point location for all software updates.

Spec Sheet:

MAHLE ReportLogiq Web-based Reporting System [PDF; 473 KB]