Meeting OEM Testing Demands

There is an ever increasing demand in electronics, emissions and on board diagnostic regulations in vehicle development. Vehicle testing both in engineering, manufacturing and dealership service have become increasingly more important for initial quality and customer satisfaction.

MAHLE Test Systems offers vehicle electronic and diagnostic testing for all stages of the vehicle life cycle. Our award winning and proven solutions have not only provided an increase in quality and customer satisfaction but also a cost savings in resources and overhead to our vehicle manufacturing customers.

Product Development

  • Quick identification of concerns early in calibration development (ProLogiq® and Vehicle data collection)


  • Completes over 250 system checks in less than 2 minutes (TestLogiq®, DataWorks)
  • Increased IQS (Initial Quality Study) in electrical testing (TestLogiq®)
  • Proven reduction of resources and structural costs (TestLogiq®)
  • Meet stringent government regulations for in-plant testing (Leak Testing)


  • Faster navigation, download and diagnosis (ServiceLogiq®)

  • Efficient –Efficient partitioning of “Product Expert” and “Tool Expert” tasks leading to reduced structural costs
  • Capable –Over 1500 dealers and over 46 production plants over 5 continents and JD Powers rating for “Best in Class” in initial quality (IQS) for electrical warrant
  • Agile –Test generation, release, execution and reporting, rapid drill down and root cause identification. Our modular test structure allows for adoption of new protocols and electrical architectures

Trusted supplier in the development of new testing solutions for OEM applications:

  • Powertrain and automotive knowledge in product development, manufacturing testing, dealership and aftermarket service
  • Provide testing solutions for component and subsystem applications
  • Powerful reporting tool used to quickly access and filter vehicle data for engineering, manufacturing and dealer service

  • Product Development – Controls and calibration (ProLogiq®), vehicle data recorders (MDR1™, MDR2™) and graphical reporting tools (ReportLogiq®)
  • Manufacturing – Vehicle End of Line and Repair Station test (TestLogiq®), In-process testers (Evaporative Leak Tester, Portable and Fixed Station testers), vehicle communication hardware (DataWorks™), plant quality reporting (ReportLogiq®)
  • Service and Aftermarket – Service tool software (ServiceLogiq®), vehicle communication hardware (ComWorks™), service reporting/feedback tools (ReportLogiq®)