Development and Validation

Our Value Add

 A complete service for engine mechanical development and validation including:

  • Design and carrying out of complete engine development programs, on dyno and in vehicle
  • In-depth investigation into identified problems
  • Determination of test quantity and specification to achieve target reliability level
  • Specific component measurement techniques

 Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Test schedules of previous development programs used in conjunction with design critiques and FMEA methodology
  • Engine dynamometers, rig and vehicle tests
  • Recommendations based on functional test results to generate improvements
  • Durability and validation tests with engines assembled to specific design limits and with a high degree of component measurement
  • Assessment of wear levels after durability testing
  • Determination of engine health

 Customer Benefits

  • Improved understanding of root cause and conditions of failure
  • Integration of test plans in early design phases of new powertrains