Our Value Add

  • Extensive controls and calibrations experience
  • Flexible support for customer controls developments:
    • From rapid prototype control projects to volume production
    • MAHLE Flexible ECU solutions for running ANY powertrain application
    • Model based function design in Simulink and TargetLink
    • Simulation and validation of models using HIL and SIL methods
    • Support for design reviews
    • Creation of test and validation procedures

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

Powertrain Controls

  • Powertrain and vehicle control system design, modelling & implementation
  • Benchmarking
  • Access to extensive function library, including:
    • Full torque structure for early vehicle integration
    • Support for alternative fuels (CNG, LPG, hydrogen and biofuels)
    • Closed loop combustion control
  • Safety analysis including electronic throttle control, by-wire’ technologies, hybrid driveline and hydrogen handling

Vehicle System Integration

  • High-level system and architecture design services
  • Trade-off studies & system optimization
  • Hybrid vehicle system controllers
  • Intelligent gateway modules
  • Support for sensors, actuators and wiring harnesses
  • In-vehicle displays and data logging options