Test Support Services

Our Value Add

  • Wide range of in-house support functions including instrumentation, metrology, oil analysis, fabrication, facility support and logistics


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • In-cylinder pressure measurement
  • Pressure, flow and temperature measurement
  • Blow-by, smoke and fuel flow measurement
  • Flame lonization Detector (Fast FID)
  • Oil aeration measurement
  • Oil analysis laboratory
  • Surface roughness and hardness testing
  • Form and contour measurement
  • High speed video filming
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) measurement and assessment
  • Metrology equipment
    • Coordinate measurement machine (CMM) with 1600x800x900mm measurement volume
    • Hardness testing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
    • Surface roughness and contour measurement
    • Profile and surface measurement
    • Air gauging
    • Height measurement