Rig testing

Our Value Add

  • Extensive rig test facilities including multi-axis tilt rig, cylinder head airflow rig, valvetrain dynamics rig and various coolant, oil and fuel system test rigs


Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Four dedicated rig test rooms
  • Motored friction tear-down test cell (100 kW motoring)
  • Controllable fuel, oil and coolant parameters
  • Twin bay engine hot test cell
  • Engines run under light or zero load
  • Tilt rig (up to 45˚ inclination) for oil & breather system development
  • Hydrogen supply up to 200 bar for component testing
  • Valve train dynamics / valve rotation rig
  • Cylinder head airflow rig
  • Engine coolant visualization rig
  • Crankshaft thrust loading rig
  • Fuel injector flow rig