MAHLE era 2005 to present


  • Cosworth Technology acquired by MAHLE from Audi Group, changing name and trading as MAHLE Powertrain from 1st July


  • Newly designed Optical Engine to study VVT systems and the combustion of alternative fuels for future direct injection gasoline engines. Ongoing research projects at University College London


  • MAHLE presents downsizing engine at the Frankfurt IAA Motor Show 1.2 litre, inline 3-cylinder engine produces 120 kW


  • Commenced UK government research project into parasitic loss reduction in engines
  • Collaboration with Ford and BP
  • Grand opening of the new MAHLE technical centre in Jundiai, near Sao Paulo, Brazil


  • New engine assembly facility commissioned at Northampton


  • MAHLE downsizing engine installed into a mid-sized estate demonstrator vehicle
  • New cylinder head assembly line installed in Northampton
  • Detailed research into biofuels combustion in MAHLE Downsizing engine


  • MAHLE Range Extender engine successfully developed and designed
  • MAHLE flexible ECU (MFE) successfully introduced
  • Stirling engine designed and tested


  • Development of MAHLE Jet Ignition®
  • Presentation of MAHLE Range Extender demonstrator vehicle
  • Successfully completed balanced high speed bottom end for single cylinder research engine
  • Grand opening of MAHLE's extended R&D technical centre in Shanghai, China


  • New electric vehicle charging point installed at MAHLE Powertrain's Northampton headquarters
  • Grand opening of MAHLE'S new R&D technical centre in Farmington Hills, MI, USA
  • Two additional engine test cells commissioned at Shanghai technical centre (making 6 in total)


  • 50kW Range Extender is presented as part of a new engine family.
  • Major upgrade of the UK engine test facilities (6 test cells) at Northampton.



  • The PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) testing service is introduced.
  • A ‘Through the Road’ Parallel Hybrid demonstrator vehicle is presented.
  • The new MAHLE Powertrain office opens in Ashheim, Germany.                



  • 48V eSupercharged Downsizing demonstrator vehicle is presented.
  • The new MAHLE Powertrain office opens in Ingolstadt, Germany.    
  • The official unveiling of the new Vehicle Engineering Centre at MAHLE Powertrain’s Northampton headquarters.