MAHLE Downsizing


Highly efficient, small capacity gasoline engines can match the fuel economy and performance of modern diesels through the application of advanced turbocharging.

Our Approach

Recent advances in gasoline engine development (based on GDI) have shown a downsizing of more than 35% with a fuel consumption benefit of more than 20%. MAHLE started the design of an advanced technology demonstrator engine with 50% downsizing in 2007. The latest component and sub-system technologies were employed in a highly optimised package to maximise the efficiency and fuel economy benefits, whilst maintaining excellent levels of performance and flexibility. In 2009, a turbocharger from BOSCH MAHLE Turbo Systems was adopted to further enhance the behaviour of the engine.

The key points of MAHLE's approach to the engine design were:

  • Application of complimentary technologies
  • Focus on combustion system development
  • Design driven by strength and robustness
  • Engine optimised for low friction losses
  • In-depth understanding of turbocharger behaviour

Our Tools, Facilities and Services

  • Predictive analysis of concept design (FEA, CFD, 1-D simulation)
  • Proven design procedures including Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) using the latest Computer aided Design (CAD) technology and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system
  • Use of MAHLE series and pre-development components and MAHLE Powertrain in-house casting and machining capability for prototype parts manufacture
  • High accuracy measurement of components to assist the prototype engine assembly by MAHLE Powertrain's experienced engine assembly technicians
  • Dynamometer testing for engine development, validation and calibration using MAHLE Powertrain's state-of-the-art in-house test facility and highly experienced engineering staff
  • Integration of the prototype engines into donor vehicles and evaluation of the emissions and fuel consumption of the final product on the certified rolling road facility

Customer Benefits

  • Latest MAHLE technologies in an optimised package
  • Proven, class-leading combination of performance with economy and durability
  • Engine specification tailored to customer requirements
  • Significant weight saving opportunities

Project Examples

MAHLE's in-house downsizing demonstrator engine (50% downsized) has recently been installed in a vehicle and achieved >30% reduction in fuel consumption.

Visit our MAHLE Powertrain Projects page for more information regarding our downsizing project or download our Advanced Downsizing Demonstrator Brochure or watch our new interactive animation or watch our short video clip