Technical Publications

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Aachen Colloquium

Downsizing and Biofuels: Synergies for Significant CO2 Reductions

Design and Development of the MAHLE Range Extender Engine


Significant CO2 Reductions by Utilising the Synergies Between a Downsized SI Engine and Biofuels

Design and development of a dedicated range extender engine

Optimisation of Variable Length Intake Manifolds for a Gasoline Turbocharged Downsized Engine


Anforderungen an den Ladungswechsel und die Aufladung bei extremen Downsizing

Längenvariables Luftansaugmodul für turboaufgeladene Motoren

Development of an Efficient Compact Range Extender Engine

Friction Power Measurements of a Fired Diesel Engine – Cycle-relevant CO2 Savings

Efficient Downsizing for Future Gasoline Engines

Das Range Extender Konzept von MAHLE Powertrain


2011-01-0212 An Approach to the Safety Design and Development of a Brake-by- Wire Control System

2011-01-0360 Benefits of Late Inlet Valve Timing Strategies Afforded Through the Use of Intake Cam In Cam Applied to a Gasoline Turbocharged Downsized Engine

2011-01-0664 A New Combustion System Achieving High Drive Cycle Fuel Economy Improvements in a Modern Vehicle Powertrain

2011-01-0862 Design of a dedicated Range Extender Engine

2011-01-1290 Characterisation of Flow Structures in a Direct-Injection Spark- Ignition Engine Using PIV, LDV and CFD

2011-01-2023 A Single Fuel Pre-Chamber Jet Ignition Powertrain Achieving High Load, High Efficiency and Near Zero NOx Emissions