Technical Publications

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Aachen Colloquium

Downsizing - Realized with a 1.2 l 3-Cylinder Engine



2008-5052 CamInCam The New Option for Variable Valve Timing



The MAHLE Downsized Engine as Technology Demonstrator - Concept Layout and Design


Einzylinder Forschungsmotor (DE)



2008-01-0073 An Optical Study of Spray Development and Combustion of Ethanol, Iso-Octane and Gasoline Blends in a DISI Engine

2008-01-0391 Experimental Characterisation of Heat Transfer in Exhaust Pipe Sections

2008-01-0425 Pre versus Post Compressor Supply of Cooled EGR for Full Load Fuel Economy in Turbocharged Gasoline Engines

2008-01-0611 A New 3 Cylinder 1.2l Advanced Downsizing Technology Demonstrator Engine

2008-36-0293 Fleet Test Evaluation of B5 Blends (5% Biodiesel) in Pickups