Technical Publications

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Study of fuel ecomony improvements available via valvetrain optimisation

A study of alcohol blended fuels in a new optical spark-ignition engine



High-load EGR in a Turbocharged Gasoline Engine



2007-01-0018 Automated Calibration of an Analytical Wall-Wetting Model

2007-01-0187 The Effects of 2-Stage Cam Profile Switching and External EGR on SI-CAI Combustion Transitions

2007-01-0490 Virtual Airpath Calibration of a Multi-Cylinder High Performance GDI Engine Using 1D Cycle Simulation

2007-01-0939 Study of Cyclic Variation in an SI Engine using Quasi-Dimensional Combustion Model

2007-01-1558 Development of a Fully Variable Compressor Map Enhancer for Automotive Application

2007-01-2778 Improving the Longitudinal Vehicle Acceleration Performance by Engine Optimization through 1D Numerical Simulation