Technical Publications

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Aachen Colloquium

New concepts for Optimising Transient Torque Response



A study of Gasoline-Alcohol Blended Fuels in a Turbocharged DISI Engine

Development of a New 3 Cylinder, 1.2I downsizing demonstrator engine

A comparison of inlet valve oerating strategies in a single cylinder engine



2009-5025 The Advanced Downsizing Demonstrator - Development Status and Fuel Ecomny Potential



Optimisation of Gasoline Engine Performance



2009-01-0138 A Study of Gasoline-Alcohol Blended Fuels in an Advanced Turbocharged DISI Engine

2009-01-0236 Analysis of US and EU Drive Styles To Improve Understanding of Market Usage and the Effects on OBD Monitor IUMPR

2009-01-1052 Development of a Friction Optimised Engine

2009-01-1053 Challenges for Increased Efficiency Through Gasoline Engine Downsizing

2009-01-1422 Design Consideration for Hydrogen Management System on Ford Hydrogen Fueled E450 Shuttle Bus

2009-01-1503 Development of a Turbocharged Direct Injection Downsizing Engine

2009-01-1835 Combining Unthrottled Operaton with Internal EGR under Port and Central Direct Injection Fuel Conditions in a Single Cylinder SI Engine